Spa and Sauna for Health and Wellness

Enjoy a myriad of health benefits by having a Jacuzzi right at your home. A&K Printing & Pools in Sturgis, MI, constructs residential spas and saunas that offer several health benefits.

spa pool

Benefits of a Spa

Pure Relaxation
The pressure from the powerful jets of a spa has the same effects of a massage, soothing your tired and aching muscles. On top of that, adding therapeutic aromas can calm your senses and alleviate stress. 

Increased Mobility and Circulation
The heat generated by a spa greatly improves blood circulation. Also, spending time in a spa can increase your mobility by reducing joint inflammation.

Benefits of a Sauna 

Look and Feel Better
Sauna bathing has always been an effective method of getting attractive and youthful skin. Deep sweating cleanses your skin and makes it softer. In addition, spending time in a sauna helps flush out toxins, such as lead and mercury.

Improved Sleep and Cardio
A sauna session can do wonders for your body clock. The release of endorphins induces deep sleep, which is one of the best ways to recharge your body. The heat of a sauna also increases your core temperature and improves your cardiovascular health.

Nothing beats the convenience of having your own spa or sauna.

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