Essential Swimming Pool Additions

A&K Printing & Pools is your go-to provider of swimming pool accessories in Sturgis, MI. We offer everything you need, from steps and ladders to chemicals and self-cleaners.

man cleaning a pool

Steps and Ladders
We offer a selection of pool steps and ladders for in-ground and above ground pools. They are designed to get you in and out of the water quickly and safely.

Treating your pool with the proper chemicals keeps the water balanced. Chemicals also eliminate bacteria, keeping the water safe for everyone who takes a dive.

Our self-cleaners do a lot more than collecting debris from your pool. They can save you hours of cleaning, so you get to spend more time relaxing.

Pool liners can fade after years of exposure to the sun. If it’s time to get a replacement, choose from our selection of liners that come in different shapes and sizes.

Pool covering is the most effective method of reducing your pool heating costs. A cover also contributes to water retention and can help keep dirt and other debris out of your pool.

Get the pool accessories, supplies, and equipment you need.

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